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Interns/long term

We are actively seeking interns who would like to join our family at Rancho la Hermosa. If God has placed the desire in your heart to consider long-term missions in Mexico, we invite you to contact us to see if Rancho la Hermosa might be a good fit for you. We welcome singles over 18, married couples, and families. Although we appreciate all interest in Rancho la Hermosa, we require at least a six-month commitment. All long term volunteer applicants need to go through an extensive application and interview process and thorough back-ground check. Approval is determined by our Mexican and U.S. team.

Groups/short term

We have accommodations to comfortably host large groups and can also arrange meal preparation. Since there are several ministries with whom we are partners in the Primo Tapia area, there are many opportunities to not only help us build the orphanage and care for kids, but also help those in the community. Bring your group down for a couple of days or even a week.

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