Family Life

Practical aspects of family life and spiritual formation at Rancho Hermosa

Home life:  Rancho Hermosa is a family. Since we want the children to experience the stability, love, and guidance a healthy family offers, each dorm will have parents and only 8 to 10 children.  

Daily devotions: We want to instill a love for the Word of God, worship, and prayer

Discipling and mentoring Our kids will attend La Hermosa church and youth group and will experience the benefits of belonging to a church community.

Serving in the community:  Our children will have the unique opportunity to live at a home where serving is a driving force of our home culture. Part of our children’s healing involves encouraging our kids to care for and serve those in need; to not have a victim mentality but to know they have something to give. We are committed to befriending and serving the community of Primo Tapia and other outlying communities.

Education We assess each child and from there work to fill in the educational gaps:

Kids will attend the local Primo Tapia schools

Tutoring and English classes will be provided through an after school homework center

We will assess skill sets and set our teens on a vocational training or university track

In partnership with Corazon De Vida, we will help our kids go to college