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Primo Tapia
Baja California, Mexico


Travel Info.


We love that you want to join us! We can host groups of 15 or more and can also arrange meal preparation. Bring your group down for a couple days or even a week. We look forward to meeting you! Since there are several ministries with whom we are partners in the Primo Tapia area, there are many opportunities to not only help us build the orphanage and care for kids but also help those in need in the community. Email us at for available dates.

Individuals or Small Groups

Let us know your building skills and we can plug you in with another group or our Mexican construction workers. If you want to stop by for the day, you’re more than welcome – just please let us know you’re coming so we can be ready for you.

Passport Info. 

A passport is required to re-enter the U.S. from Mexico for all travelers 16 years old and older. For children 15 years and younger, bring an original birth certificate and school ID. For more information, go to the US Passports website.  Also, Mexican border officials will randomly ask to see passports when entering the country and may have visitors fill out a tourist visa card.

All travelers should keep their passports with them when crossing. And try to travel in the same car as your personal travel bag (ie: no throwing all bags in one truck while the rest of the group travels in other cars).


For only $15 per person per night, we have use of the dorm rooms built for groups visiting Casa de Luz in Primo Tapia. We can host groups up to 40 in comfortable rooms with a shower and toilet.  All you need are sleeping bags (or sheets), pillows, towels, and toiletries. 


For groups staying in Primo Tapia, we can coordinate lunch and dinner for $5 per person per meal. The food is prepared by our Mexican friends from La Hermosa church. You would just need to bring breakfast food. You may use the kitchen facility which includes a refrigerator, coffee maker, electric water kettle, stove, oven, pans, blender, and place for food storage.


Each person needs to bring a labeled, non-disposable water bottle. The group can purchase 5 gallon water jugs in Primo Tapia or bring large jugs of water from the U.S. Since trash is burned, please DO NOT bring disposable water bottles. You are not allowed to cross back empty water bottles to the U.S.


Click here for a printable PDF of directions to the dorms in Primo Tapia and to Rancho la Hermosa.