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Our Story


At ten days old, Daniel was left on the doorstep of an orphanage in Primo Tapia and was lovingly raised by an elderly couple, Vincento and Loreto, to love and serve Jesus. When his adopted parents of the home died, the orphanage sadly closed. He became the pastor of La Hermosa Inglesia, Primo Tapia's local Christian church, and he and his orphanage brothers, Sergio and Francisco, and their families hoped to one day build an orphanage to also welcome and show the love of Jesus to other orphans. Walking in bold faith, the church purchased property in 2008, just three miles inland in the nearby hills overlooking the ocean. They built a 4000 square foot building, clinging to the hope that the Lord would some day provide for the orphanage.



One Generation Alliance

Rancho la Hermosa is the first orphanage established out of Dave and Shannon Edmondson’s organization, One Generation Alliance.  The name One Generation Alliance is birthed out of a prayer that God would give one generation of children to significantly impact who would then impact their future generations. The goal is to root these children in the love of God knowing that the power of His love will dramatically change the trajectory of their lives and break the cycle of poverty and abuse.

Dave and Shannon had started their non-profit, One Generation Alliance also in 2008, out of their passion for Jesus and His mandate to love and care for the orphan. They redefined their mission from helping orphanage directors care for their homes to also open a One Generation home. Years ago, they had met Sergio while working at another orphanage and, in 2015, felt led to contact him about opening their own home. He said he had been watching them and it was time to meet his brothers.

They met up on the hill on the four acre property and with great joy each discovered the unified desire to care for orphaned and abandoned children. God had brought them together. One Generation bought half of the property and the La Hermosa Church would use their half and the building for Phase 1 of the Rancho la Hermosa Orphanage to care for 30 children. The doors were opened in September, 2018, and Phase 2 is in progress. When completed, the Ranch will be able to care for 70 children all in smaller family units.

One Generation’s name is birthed out of a prayer that God would give one generation of children to significantly impact, who would then impact future generations - just the way it’s being done by Daniel, Sergio, and Francisco. God is good!



Our Values



Our Staff

We have an incredible group of people working tirelessly every day to make sure each of our children are loved and cared for.


Obdulia & Fracisco (Pancho) Ornelas

As our Mexica Directors, this couple has a huge heart for children and have a crucial role here at the Ranch. They oversee day to day operations and make sure our staff and children have what they need and are well cared for.


Girls’ Dorm Houseparent Couple: Gabriel & Maria

Gabriel and Maria moved up the Ranch with their three sons in September, 2018, to care for our first group of girls. They work extremely hard and take care of their girls so well. They are a huge blessing!

Tayde, Martha & Sarah

Tayde (Middle) is our wonderful cook that prepares all the meals for our kids every day. Martha and her daughter, Sarah, volunteer multiple times a week, assisting our houseparents with whatever is needed. We love these three!



Pastor Daniel & Pastora Aleyda Aguinaga

Our Mexican founders have worked with Dave and Shannon, pouring their heart and souls into this orphanage. They do so many things for us. From planning and payroll, to vision casting and caring for our staff. Our home is incredibly fortunate to have these two.


Dave & Shannon Edmondson

As the founders of Rancho la Hermosa, these two have done countless things to make this home a reality. From planning, building, fundraising, facilitating teams, and caring for our staff, they have made this home possible.


Brittany Ballantine

As our American Interim Director, Brittany is the liaison between our founders stateside and our staff on site. She does administration, communications, and team hosting.


Jasmine Brooks

Our intern, Jasmine, does countless things for us at the Ranch. From driving the kids to school, running errands, to helping out our house moms and administration. She is instrumental to our home!

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Dan Edmondson

Dave’s brother, Dan, is a Pastor in Seattle, WA. For the past 36 years Dan has been involved in mission work and an educator. Dan is the Superintendent at the Rancho la Hermosa school.